Writen, Recorded, Engineered & Produced by Jason Kraley
Programming & Premaster Mixing by J. Kraley assisted by Stephen Keever & toshio alan mana
Belief, Moral Support, Technical/Grand Piano Recording Engineer & Rockstar: Stephen Keever
Album Continuity & Additional Engineering, Mixing & Technical Magic: toshio alan mana
Additional Soundwave Miracles, Sampling Assistance & Sounding Board: Jason Popejoy
Constant Encouragement & Support: Gooding, Stephen Keever & Christine Siarka
Orchestral Samples: Philharmonia Orchestra, London
String Arrangements & Programming: J. Kraley
Shining Beacon of Light: Pepper McGowan
Mastered by Mike Giffin in Los Angeles, California

Art Concept, Layout Design & Graphic Artist: J. Kraley
Cover Artwork: Jeremy Mann
Album Illustrator: Matt Jay
Portraiture Photography: Aaron Whittington
Structural & European Photography: Jonn Klein
Additional Photography: Pepper McGowan, Suzanne Phillips, Melanie Fortino & J. Kraley
Photographic Legal Advice: Shawn Porter
Graphic Finalization Assistance: Terry McMillan

Internet Transferral Setup & Webhosting: Steve Sobol at Lobos Studios, Los Angeles, California
Liquid (en)couragement: Watkins Drinkery, The Irish Pub, The Bike Stop & The Cantina
Marketing Team: Veronica Bound, Rachel Jodejuan, Marc Ferrara & CRC-Music.com
Catering: Jenny Cross

Orchestral samples courtesy Philharmonia Orchestra's Sound Exchange.
Russell Nash & cEVIN KEY sample appears courtesy Skinny Puppy (TAS/Zero-G Ltd - UK, 1998).
toshio alan mana appears courtesy himself.
Jason Popejoy appears courtesy Roto Visage.
Lane DiFlavis appears courtesy herself.
Ren Clark appears courtesy Sigil Sound System.
Amanda North appears courtesy herself.
Mike Williams appears courtesy Madnote Productions.
Pepper McGowan appears courtesy Inky Midnight Records.
Shwag McGinty appears courtesy himself.
Gooding appears courtesy himself.

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