Still Inertia is Jason Kraley.

"Invested", released November 29, 2011, is Still Inertia's first globally commercial CD release.

The project began October 2005 after relocating from Cleveland to Philadelphia. "Invested" coalesced over six years during which time Jason Kraley continually adjusted to his relocation musically and emotionally.

December 2010, 35 songs were created, resonating Kraley's continually frenetic adaptations and changes associated with adjustments to a new, larger metropolis.

March 2011, 15 songs were selected for the album. "Smoothing out the edges" of these final songs became a large undertaking - a process involving the gracious assistance of the Philharmonia Orchestra of London (courtesy of their sampled "Sound Exchange") as well as additional work by Jason Popejoy (of Roto Visage), Gooding, Toshio Alan Mana and many other talented people from around the world.

September 2011, the finalized album was mastered by Mike Giffin (Los Angeles), and handed over to Healey Music (Canada) for printing and duplication. With moral and financial support by Stephen Keever (Philadelphia), 500 CDs (with full-color, 8-page booklets) were pressed for Still Inertia's "Invested" release date.

Often described as "delightfully indescribable", Still Inertia continues to "introduce and re-invent rare elements: painting uniquely diverse soundscapes with each new song."

Still Inertia's "Invested" album is intended to serve as the most mentally dynamic range of "emotional wreckage and beauty" (in audible format) written, composed and produced by Jason Kraley to date.

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